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We create extraordinary value together with companies in pharma, medtech and biotech.

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As experts in Life Sciences, we fully focus on the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical technology industries.  We have over 10 years of experience in the domains of quality management, regulatory affairs, research & development, and supply chain management. 

Imagine the added value of 120+ experts sharing their knowledge and expertise with each other. That is what makes every single one of the Strand consultants stand out. We create extraordinary value, together.

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The industries we focus on

Strand is your consultancy expert in the field of pharmaceuticals


Research, development, production, and distribution of pharmaceutical drugs and healthcare products.

Strand is your consultancy expert in the field of medical technology


Application of biological processes, organisms, and systems to develop innovative products and technologies.

Strand is your consultancy expert in the field of biotechnology

Medical Technology

Development and production of medical devices and technology for healthcare and diagnostics.

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Are you looking for a temporary resource in quality, regulatory affairs, R&D, or supply chain, with specific experience? Or are you in need of training in those domains? Let us know what you’re looking for. 

Satisfied clients have notably trusted us to build QMS, provide support in the preparation and the management of audits and inspections, build operational service platforms, and much more. 

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Strand is a consultancy partner on a mission to shape the future of the people we work with by being disruptively bold in our professional advice so extraordinary value is created, together.

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