Meet Antoine Orban, QA Consultant.

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We talked with Antoine Orban, Quality Assurance Consultant at Strand. Antoine particularly values the Talent Management initiatives, which helped him grow on a professional and a personal level. 


How did you come across Strand ?

I discovered Strand about a year ago. Sally van Isacker spontaneously reached out and explained what consultancy entailed and what Strand could offer me. The emphasis on humanity and the continuous improvement of their talent immediately attracted me. 

There was an open position in Quality Control and my profile and my laboratory experience were relevant. One thing led to another, and I was offered a permanent contract. To celebrate, I went for coffee with Raphaël Castermans, my dedicated business manager, and Sally. It was great!


What does the guidance from the Talent Managers bring you on both a professional and personal level?

The guidance of the Talent Managers is a real added value. The fact that they pay attention to both personal and professional well-being convinced me to join the Strandies.  

At the beginning of the mission, we held an open and straightforward discussion to assess if things were running smoothly for me. This also allowed us to provide the highest satisfaction to the client.

At a later stage, I had the opportunity to reflect on my drivers and my character type. I had never done this before, and it allowed me to gain more insights into how I approach the world. It was interesting to look at the bigger picture, and it has even helped me on a personal level. I'm glad that Strand offered me this kind of tool!


How do training sessions, like the "technical coffee corners" benefit you? 

The trainings are very practical for gaining more insight into specific areas that one may know little or nothing about. Last summer, four Strandies conducted a session on Regulatory Affairs, and I found it very interesting!

The pharmaceutical world is vast, and this kind of training provides an overall view, and allows everyone to exchange their experiences. 


Technical Coffee Corner.


Can you give a few examples of other trainings you attended?

Because I underwent training as a laboratory professional, Strand allowed me to broaden my knowledge in the field of Quality Assurance. I had the chance to attend a two-day training session on deviations, CAPA, control change, and complaints. I also followed a training on emotional intelligence, which is important for fostering professional interactions.

Many activities are also organized to unwind and encourage further sharing among consultants!