Investing in Growth: Why Strand's Trainers are Invaluable

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Clotilde Hallet
Clotilde Hallet is Talent Manager at Strand
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In-house trainers at Strand play a vital role in our professional development plan. They allow to share knowledge and practical experiences, which is essential for consultants aiming to be recognized as experts in their respective fields. 

This dual purpose of in-house trainings, benefiting both trainers and participants, underscores their significance within the company. They contribute to a professional learning experience which allows everyone in the community to share inspiring stories.


Strand Mentors and Mentees during a mentoring session.


Objectives and advantages of our in-house trainings

One of the key objectives and goals that in-house trainings help Strand achieve is the development of hard and soft skills among participants. Whether it's the Technical Coffee Corners, which delve into various aspects of the Pharma industry, or soft-skill coachings, these in-house training programs foster a sense of community, belonging, and inspiration.

In terms of training programs and initiatives, Strand offers a diverse range of options for its consultants. These include QA and QC training paths for junior profiles, and those interested in transitioning into those roles, Excel basics trainings, Change Control trainings, Technical Coffee Corners (learn and share events), stakeholder management workshops, well-being workshops and much more. 

Organizing in-house trainings offers several advantages to Strand compared to relying solely on external training providers. Our training programs are tailored to meet the company's specific needs and the realities of consultancy, ensuring that the content is relevant and applicable. Moreover, they facilitate the development of soft and hard skills while also allowing trainers to nurture sub-communities within the organization.


Strand trainer hosting a Technical Coffee Corner.


The Strand philosophy

Strand's philosophy regarding employee development is closely aligned with our in-house trainers' role. We promote learn & share events as we believe in the power of gaining inspiration within our community. This philosophy is linked with our "Top Consultant" matrix, which illustrates our commitment to the consultancy market as well as our focus on talent development. 

Elements of the matrix, such as "proactivity" and "sharing with others," relate to the proactive attitude that consultants can demonstrate towards clients, towards Strand, but also towards themselves, by focusing on their self-awareness, their skills and their potential.

One noteworthy success story highlighting the positive impact of in-house trainers is the Technical Coffee Corner sessions. Launched 1.5 years ago with only five participants, the most recent session drew more than 25 participants, demonstrating significant growth. This success showcases the effectiveness of in-house training in engaging and benefiting employees at Strand.