Working as a pharma professional at Strand: what is it like?

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Maxime joined Strand in 2019, two years after finishing his studies. He first worked in the food industry and was not exactly sure what he was looking for. Now, he feels like he is in the right place. 

When asked what he particularly likes about working with Strand Associates, Maxime says the link between pleasure and work has always impressed him: 

“We work with different consultants, each with a different area of expertise, experience and knowledge, but the proximity and friendliness at each event make us feel like we are among friends. This proximity brings, at the same time, an ease in the sharing of knowledge. In my opinion, it is a magnificent achievement to create a strong link between the consultants while keeping a serious approach to each mission.”

Support from management

When you start your career, you have practical knowledge. Yet, working is something completely different. You have to learn how to communicate with clients, set up projects, manage expectations and keep all stakeholders happy. Not an easy job! Therefore, what you learn from colleagues and superiors is very valuable. 

At Strand Associates, managers take time to guide you and to ensure you feel good both within your mission at Strand and in general. One of the things Maxime mentions as remarkable is that he can contact managers at any time: 

“I have always felt supported, helped, listened to, and especially understood since my arrival at Strand. We can easily discuss our questions, desires or doubts.” 

Professional development

Besides learning on the job, each consultant has a follow-up plan to get oriented more efficiently and develop further. This is not a general one-size-fits-all plan – it is tailored to your needs. 

For instance, when Maxime completed a project – which we’ll get to in a moment – Strand offered him training in areas related to the project, as well as possible future assignments in this area. Furthermore, Strand offers all kinds of face-to-face or online training for personal development, much of it carried out by experienced consultants. Maxime found this approach to training and development particularly valuable:

“After three and a half years, I feel like I have learned a lot about myself both professionally and personally. Everything is in place so that each consultant has everything on hand to develop in the sectors they want.”

What kind of projects would you work on at Strand?

Enough about the working environment. What does working on an actual project at Strand look like? Maxime explains a project he worked on: 

“During the pandemic in 2020 and 2021, I was involved in an implementation project about the automatization of the review of documents related to production. As we were home working at the time, this project allowed me to be in contact with different teams from different departments. 

I was the representative of the quality department whose role was to explain what was expected and, therefore, to guide it throughout the process towards our needs. I learned a lot about setting up a project, monitoring the different stages, and organising follow-up meetings. It also led me to present the progress, the results, the improvements in front of other teams. 

This kind of project allows you to see where you are both in terms of the work itself but especially in terms of your personal development.”

Why Maxime recommends Strand as an employer

Finally, we asked Maxime to tell us the main reason why he would recommend Strand to his peers. His reply: 

“Because of the brilliant mix between professionalism and family atmosphere. Who does not dream of working surrounded by positive vibes and a friendly atmosphere while being listened to and helped? The best example is the large number of events organised by Strand outside of work. Each of these events is a success because all the consultants want to go there and come back with great positive energy to continue their mission with the respective clients.”


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