Strand Barometer 2019

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Jana Lauwers
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Barometer · NOUN ·  /bəˈrɒmɪtə(r)/

A scientific instrument used to measure pressure and forecast short term changes. 

Where the barometer predicts sunshine…

It appears our Strand image is a winner! Our Strandies are very satisfied with the current company culture. 

  • 82.5% is proud to work for Strand.
  • 80% would recommend us to friends/family.

This explains the high numbers of the strong belief in our goals & objectives and faith in Strand’s management. Contributing to the success of Strand’s image are the satisfaction ratio’s with regards to relationships amongst colleagues. 

  • 88% is satisfied with the relationship they have with their other colleagues.

Guess we can call Strand a real family by now!

The barometer under pressure…

Running a company isn’t only sunshine & smiles. The barometer predicted some stormy weather too. If our Strandies could be CEO for a day, this is what they would change: 

  • Develop training opportunities based on an individual’s ambitions.
  • Put in place a system to monitor an individual’s satisfaction per mission.  
  • Provide more/better information about the mission's role, so consultants have a better view on what to expect

Although 70% is satisfied with their salary, they would provide additional types of health care insurance and retirement plan.

How Strand is handling pressure…

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. A year ago, we started creating connectivity between Strand colleagues. By providing the first contact during the onboarding and follow up, 73% of the Strandies were very satisfied with their first Strand experience.

Furthermore, we created a full program of events to facilitate mingling amongst colleagues. Take a look at the numbers: 

  • 86% feels a strong sense of belonging to Strand because of the events.
  • 94% thinks that events are a great way to meet new colleagues.
  • 97% believes that events are bringing Strand Colleagues closer together.


Why everybody should/could be part of the family…

92.5% of the people feel they can speak with someone within Strand when an issue would pop up. We try to be as bold & humane as possible to make everybody feel part of Strand! Onboardings, informal meetings, events, short communication lines … are a few of the tools we use to make sure our values live! 

Most characteristics attributed to Strand are humane, bold, fun, family & caring. That’s exactly what we aim for!

Available next year: Strand Barometer 2020. Stay tuned…

Jana Lauwers
Event Manager at Strand