Meet Philippe Muls, PTC Officer at Strand.

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Meet Philippe Muls

Pharmacist Philippe Muls has been working as a PTC (Product Technical Complaints) Officer at the major pharmaceutical company Sanofi through Strand Associates for eight months.

“As a graduate pharmacist, you can actually find opportunities in various areas within the pharmaceutical industry. After completing my studies, I spent some time searching for a suitable job. Eventually, the role of a consultant seemed like a perfect entry-level position to me. In that role, you get to know various aspects of pharmaceutical companies.”

Philippe came into contact with Strand through a mutual connection. “Together, we searched for a suitable position. The first two attempts were unsuccessful, but the third time was a success. It was great to see that they not only helped me find a job but also considered what would align well with my skills and goals. That made me feel seen and understood right from the start.”


Always different conversations

At Sanofi, Philippe works as a PTC (Product Technical Complaints) Officer. “Essentially, I am responsible for handling complaints. I have phone calls with customers, process them administratively, and ensure proper follow-up by an investigation site. It often involves products that customers need to administer themselves, such as vaccines. As an example, I receive questions about the use of an insulin pen if it gets blocked.”

According to Philippe, the challenge doesn't lie in the content. “The questions are often similar. However, I do interact with different customers each time. I also have frequent contact with other departments within Sanofi, such as the finance department and R&D. This makes the work varied and educational. During my time at Sanofi, my self-confidence has grown, and I've become more assertive. This is largely thanks to gaining practical experience.”

At Sanofi, Philippe is the only 'Strandie'. However, he maintains close contact with Glorian Coeckelberghs, Strand Talent Acquisition Specialist. “He is not only a TA Specialist at Strand Associates but also my replacement when I'm on leave. Therefore, we regularly catch up. Since procedures at Sanofi can change quite often, it's important to keep him updated. Moreover, collaborating with him is very enjoyable. We share a similar mindset: when we work, we work hard and are focused. We are driven to bring out the best in ourselves. When it's time to relax, we do so fully. This makes our collaboration very smooth.”



Glorian isn't the only person Philippe maintains regular contact with at Strand. “Sally Van Isacker guides me as a Talent Manager. She thinks constructively and positively, brainstorming with me. During my mid-year review, we looked at what was going well, what I could still learn, and which training would be suitable. The outcome was a priority management training, as it fits well with my role as a PTC officer. There's often a lot coming at me at once, so setting the right priorities is essential.”

Philippe also experiences support from Strand in other areas. “At one moment, the complaints I received peaked whilst a colleague was on sick leave. The workload became too high, so I raised the issue. My manager fully supported me and contacted Sanofi to discuss this. I felt very supported as a result.”

“I also feel this support at the events organised by Strand, from after-work drinks to a celebration for the tenth anniversary. It's incredibly enjoyable, and it's nice to be with colleagues on those occasions. There's a good atmosphere, and it's pleasant to exchange experiences, especially since I'm the only one from Strand at Sanofi. Even though I haven't been here for a year yet, I already sense a strong team spirit. Everyone works hard and aims to achieve goals, but there's no noticeable hierarchy and interactions with all colleagues are pleasant.”


Dreams for the future

Although he is still exploring various aspects of Sanofi as a consultant, Philippe already has specific dreams about his future career. “I want to progress to a role as a manager in biotech, bridging the gap between R&D and production. For instance, if new molecules are developed, how do you produce them on a large scale and bring them to the market? This is a motivating challenge that I would like to contribute to. Strand is also supportive in this aspect. We're discussing how I can gradually work my way up to that role.”

Philippe is extremely grateful for his success with Strand. “The work, guidance in personal and professional development, colleagues, and above all, the sense of teamwork, make me recommend anyone looking for a job to approach Strand. It has already brought me so much, and I'm convinced they will truly help me advance in my career.”